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We are food enthusiasts, makers of authentic, fresh curry pastes and kimchi, social entrepreneurs championing Vision Rescue
About us

MADE with Love

My Pop-up Kitchen started with the idea of ‘What’s in my hand? and ‘What can I do to make a difference in my world and beyond?’ I know we can’t do everything, but we can do something! One Saturday in 2013, I saw an online post asking for a chef to cook for their dinner party. This was the seed that started my food business adventure – I stopped seeing my limitations and started seeing possibilities and realized I don’t need a restaurant or big house to do what I love i.e. using food to bring people together. I had a wok and I could go to people’s homes to cook. Since the start of our business we have donated at least 10% of our profits to Vision Rescue, a Mumbai-based organization that helps children and adults to get off the streets by providing meals, informal education, medical assistance, safe houses and restoring dignity to the marginalized.


My Pop-up Kitchen is all about good food. We produce fresh, authentic food products specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine. We have catered for small-to-medium size dinner parties, any size from 6 to 150 people. We produce 3 curry pastes: Thai Green Curry Paste, Thai Red Curry Paste and Indonesian Yellow Curry Paste, which won 1 star at the 2017 Taste Awards, and our latest products Kimchi and Vegan Thai Green Curry Paste. Our products are currently being sold through shops in Earlsfield, Barnes and Putney.

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